If it moves, we power it.

eNow is an innovative, clean-technology company, specializing in renewable energy systems. Our goal is to provide industry specific solar solutions to companies that embrace profit, planet and people.

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Turn Your Vehicle Into a Mobile Power Station

We use the latest technology to generate energy right from the roofs of the vehicles we power.

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LIghtweight, Flexible, and Aerodynamic

eNow’s lightweight and flexible panels conform to roof contours, with low drag and clearance, in an aerodynamic package.

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eNow Solar Energy Solutions

Unlike trickle-charging solutions which typically generate upwards of 500 watts per day, eNow’s solar-powered idle reduction systems provide full-system charging and produce over 25,000 watts per day, supplying more than enough power to the battery and all auxiliary equipment.


Reduce fuel consumption and extend the life of stand-alone lift gate batteries.

HVAC and Hotel Loads

Lighten the load on engine alternators to reduced fuel use and engine maintenance costs.

Public Transportation and School Bus

With eNow, each bus becomes its own mobile power station by generating sustainable energy whether the engine is on or off.


Extend the daily range of cold plate storage systems, reduce fuel consumption, and trim maintenance costs.

Trickle Charge

Keep vehicle and auxiliary batteries topped off and always ready to go.

Safety Lights

Power emergency or safety lights even with the ignition turned off. No engine idling required.

Calculate Your Solar Savings Potential With eNow

Use the eNow solar savings calculator to quickly estimate your solar potential and savings.

eNow Solar Savings Calculator

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