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Tax Increases on Fuel Continue to Add Up

With the latest increases announced in California and Oregon, 18 states have either increased or announced upcoming tax increases on fuel. The increases vary by state, but range from 0.3 cents in Maryland to 20 cents per gallon in California. Other states that have...

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Henry Albert

As a rule, Henry Albert is more likely to see possibility than detriment.

So when the chance arose to explore the use of solar to heat and cool his rig, he was onboard immediately. He already was using a version of Freightliner’s battery-based no idle/idle elimination HVAC systems for sleeper trucks, and a visit with a solar solution provider helped him see additional opportunities.

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Tesla’s Solar Roof Tiles

Tesla announced the availability of its solar roof tiles a couple weeks ago. The tiles, which are glass and come in four different styles, easily blend into existing roof tiles and come with a lifetime warranty. This is certainly innovative and clever to have solar tiles that are aesthetically pleasing.

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Shooting for 100% Clean Energy

In a recent Environmental Defense Fund article, “This Earth Day 100% Clean Energy is 100% Possible,” it makes us stop and think how close we are to that reality. Certainly, anything is possible. It’s just a matter of time and investment to make that dream a reality....

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For anyone working in the green energy and green transportation industries, Elon Musk’s announcement about the unveiling of Tesla’s Semi truck this September is both exciting and inspiring. Green technology for the transportation industry is important now more than...

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Addressing the Energy-Water Nexus

Every year World Water Day, observed on March 22, helps bring attention to the global issue surrounding the water crisis. Water is one of our most important natural resources and the amount of industries that rely on water to operate their businesses is endless. But...

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Solar Growth Continues to Look Bright

A report released this month by GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) announced that 2016 was the U.S. solar market’s biggest year ever -- with expected growth to nearly triple over the next five years. As a solar panel system producer, the...

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Tesla and eNow Solar Energy Synergies

Tesla recently surprised just about everyone when it announced that it came out with its own solar roof tiles. There is no word yet on what the cost will be, but in true Tesla fashion one thing is clear: these solar roof tiles are beautiful. That in itself is a big deal.

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