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eNow Solar Contributes to Run on Less MPG Success

Run on Less, the cross-country road show showcasing fuel economy organized by the North American Council for Freight efficiency, proved that 10 mpg is possible for commercial trucks that utilize technologies available on the market today. eNow solar was featured on...

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eNow and Icon Partner for Intracity Delivery Solution

eNow has partnered with Icon Wheelchairs to develop an innovative solution to the challenge of last-mile delivery. The solar-powered electric trike combines the all-terrain features developed for the Icon Explore wheelchair (shown, left) with the eNow solar panel...

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eNow Solar Savings Online Calculator Now Available

March 14, 2017—Warwick, RI—eNow, a leader in renewable energy solutions for the commercial trucking, RV and marine industries, announced today that it has developed the eNow Savings Calculator to accurately gauge just how much a vehicle can expect to save by deploying...

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eNow Partners with K2 Capital Group LLC

“Pay as You Go” Program Allows Truck Fleets to Install eNow Solar PV Panels with No Upfront Cost eNow, Inc., which specializes in solar-powered battery-charging and power management solutions, today announced that the company has partnered with K2 Capital Group LLC...

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Sustainable America Invests in eNow

Reposted from Sustainable Blog, 9-19-14 As you may know, Sustainable America is on a crusade to get American drivers to stop idling their cars. But did you know that a large segment of the driving population in the United States has to idle to do their jobs properly?...

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