Your best friend during a power outage or camping trip

Charges smartphones and lights up a room. Great gift idea! Educational, too!

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The Maple Solar System From Canadian Solar and eNow

The Maple Solar System is a multi-function device that acts as a light source and a charger. It’s a convenient source of mobile power for outdoor activities, such as camping, boating, and hiking, or in the event of a power outage. The system includes a solar module, LED lamp, and USB port.

The Maple System will provide 3,200 iPhone charges during the battery system lifetime (USB cable included). Available in green only.  Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Express shipping available.

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Charge Your Phone

The Maple Solar System has a 4400 mAh Li-ion battery and USB port to charge your smart phone or other small electronic device

Take it With You

The frameless PV solar module measures 6.18″ x 7.3″ x 0.6″ (157 x 186 x 16 mm); the LED light is as bright as a 15 W light bulb.

System Components

Solar Module

Converts sunlight into electricity

Li-ion Battery

Stores energy generated by solar module

LED Lamp

Adjustable, with three power modes

System Controller

Protects vital system components from overcharge, over-discharge, overload, and reverse polarity

Charging Indicator

Shows charging status

USB Port

Charges smart phones and other small electronic devices

Battery & USB Status Indicator

Shows battery over-discharge or low voltage and USB output overload or short circuit