eNow’s advanced technology turns your refrigerated straight truck or 53-foot trailer into 100% solar-electric “reefer” system. eNow harnesses the power of the sun to charge the refrigeration system’s auxiliary batteries to maintain an optimal cold temperature throughout a typical 10-12 hour delivery run. Click to read the full story from, and Heavy Duty Trucking.

eNow systems are ideal for refrigerated trucks with:

Delivery stops that are close together

Perishables that are extremely temperature sensitive

Aggressive schedules that require multiple door openings

High outside temperatures

The Problem

The engine alternator is too small or does not have enough run time to keep up with battery demand. Add in anti-idling laws that further limit charging time by the alternator. At the end of the day, the truck returns to the distribution center with a low state of charge on the batteries or worst of all, deliveries are cut short or product spoils because of inadequate cooling due to battery depletion.

The eNow Solution

eNow is particularly well suited for refrigeration applications since the greatest need is in summer when solar output is at its maximum.

eNow is a “smart” system, directed by the charge controller. When the sun rises, the charge controller does a bulk charge to replenish the batteries. Once the charger detects a full battery, it goes into a trickle charge (or float) mode. It will continually trickle charge the batteries during daylight hours, and then contributes directly to bulk charging the batteries to replace the energy used as the refrigeration unit works to maintain a stable temperature during deliveries. This all happens automatically, with no driver action required, with the engine on or off.

The Savings

As an example, we are currently working with a dairy delivery company in the San Joaquin Valley. At night, the truck is plugged into shore power and while on route it runs on solar. It’s been running in ambient temperatures up to 110 degrees with impressive results.  Most days, the batteries come back after delivery as full as they left, and they have not lost a single delivery.

The eNow system reduces costs by:

  • Extending daily range by maintaining battery charge
  • Reducing fuel consumption through decreased idling
  • Lowering maintenance/replacement costs for batteries and alternator

Battery life is extended to 3-4 years depending on battery type because the system ensures that batteries are never left in a discharged or partially charged state.

For every hour of idling saved, you reduce fuel burn by one gallon. If you idle four hours a day, that’s $10/day back in your pocket.

The system will last as long as the truck, and our warranty is a full 5 years.

Eligible for 30% solar tax credit.

Get Started.

Your eNow system size will depend on the number and type of batteries you use, and the delivery environment. eNow panels lead the industry in size and efficiency, so we can handle the larger loads demanded by refrigeration.  Please contact us to quote a system that will ensure success for your goals.