For trucks that depend on liftgates for deliveries, eNow has developed a solar-based battery charging system that reduces downtime due to dead batteries. eNow maintains an optimal battery charge, improves battery health and extends battery life by 2-3 years.

eNow systems are ideal for liftgate operators with:

Delivery stops that are close together

Heavy liftgate loads

A high number of daily liftgate cycles

The Problem

The engine alternator is too small or does not have enough run time to keep up with battery demand. Add in anti-idling laws that further limit charging time by alternator. At the end of the day, the trailer returns to the distribution center with a low state-of-charge on the batteries or worst of all, deliveries are cut short due to battery depletion. In addition, idling causes wear on the internal engine parts. How much wear? The ATA Technology Council estimates that one hour of idling equals about 7 miles driving.

The eNow Solution

With eNow, batteries are charged continuously even when the engine is off. This means you begin and end the day with a high state of charge.

eNow is a “smart” system, directed by the charge controller. When the sun rises, the charge controller does a bulk charge to replenish the batteries. Once the charger detects a full battery, it goes into a trickle charge (or float) mode. It will continually trickle charge the batteries during daylight hours, and then contributes directly to bulk charging the batteries to replace the energy used during liftgate operation. This all happens automatically, with no driver action required.

The Savings

Through customer feedback and extensive testing, we know that improved productivity amounts to increased revenue of $1,000 to $3,000 per year based on:

  • increased run time
  • reduced idling
  • increased battery life
  • reduced downtime and maintenance
  • reduced spoilage of perishable products
  • improved customer satisfaction

Battery life is extended to 3-4 years depending on battery type because the system ensures that batteries are never left in a discharged or partially charged state. This translates into annual savings of $200 to $800.

For every hour of idling saved, you will reduce fuel burn by one gallon.

Based on the figures above, payback period for eNow solar is approximately 6-18 months. The system will last as long as the truck, and our warranty is a full 5 years.

Eligible for 30% solar tax credit.

Download eNow Solar Systems for Liftgate Batteries

eNow Solar Systems for Liftgate Batteries

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Your eNow system size will depend the number and type of auxiliary batteries and the total demand placed on them by the auxiliary systems. eNow panels lead the industry in size and efficiency, so we can handle the larger loads demanded by HVAC. Our installed systems range from one panel on the tractor to a series of panels on the trailer depending on your energy needs. Please contact us to quote a system that will ensure success for your battery charging goals.