Trickle Charge

eNow has developed a battery charging system that ensures vehicle and auxiliary batteries are always topped off and ready to go. This system is ideal for vehicles that lose battery charge while powered off for extended periods.

The eNow system is ideal for:

Tractors that experience periods of down time

Trailers with battery banks for auxiliary equipment

School buses that sit idle all summer

Public transit buses that are out of service

The Problem

Parasitic loads can drain the batteries while a vehicle sits idle. Service calls to jump start the batteries are costly and time-consuming, and utilizing staff time to start/run engines just to charge the batteries wastes time and fuel, and puts unnecessary wear on the engine.

The eNow Solution

The eNow system will maintain proper battery charge and condition while vehicle sits idle. Every eNow system is a “smart” system that includes our proprietary charge controller. The charge controller has built-in safety features to protect the batteries from overcharge or surges, and it will ensure the batteries are optimally charged during daylight hours. And it all happens automatically.

With eNow, batteries are never left in a discharged or partially charged state. This eliminates the need to hire staff to start/run equipment and also eliminates service calls for dead batteries. In addition, battery life will be extended to 3 or 4 years depending on battery type, and maintenance costs for the alternator will be reduced.

Based on the savings outlined above, the payback period is 6 to 18 months. The system will last as long as the vehicle, and our warranty is a full 5 years.

Eligible for 30% solar tax credit.

Get Started.

eNow battery maintainer or trickle-charging solar systems are available in sizes from 25-watts to 100-watts to meet most applications.